About Us

Our foundation to our training philosophy foundation is simple: any training program done with good form and intensity will beat any perfect, periodized program done with crappy form and/or laziness. We do not use just any training program though, as we are all different based on our genetics and how we will respond to doing certain programs and exercises. Specialization and individualizing the training program to the person is the art of training and what will yield you the best results. That’s what we focus on here: tailoring each workout and every exercise you do to best reach your goals, whether it is to deadlift over 500 pounds or bend over and tie your shoes with ease. We understand some exercises are going to work great for one person but not so much for many others.

Jonathan Stallings – Owner/CEO, Head Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Coach

I live, breathe and love fitness every day in my life. When I was 15, I fell in love with how exercise made me a stronger and better version of myself mentally and physically. I struggled early in life through middle and high school with being overweight and poor mental health due to a lack of physical activity and nutrition. I would always find myself researching day-in and day-out the latest trends in training, nutrition, and supplements to bring my workouts to the next level in the gym and improve my health overall. My passion for exercise and nutrition continued to grow so much that I continued my pursuit for more knowledge and obtained a B.S. in Exercise Science and Chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. It was in college, where I obtained my first personal training certification and began my career in the fitness industry. By helping others feel better and enjoying life more through healthier exercise and nutrition habits, I had found my purpose in life! Now, with over 15 years of experience of working various jobs in the nutrition and fitness industry, and continuing my education obtaining many exercise and nutrition certifications, I have been blessed with the opportunity to open my own nutrition and personal training business. NutriFit will allow me to more than ever to share my passion and knowledge with everyone. I am excited to bring a motivating atmosphere of positivity and professionalism, helping with the fitness and nutrition needs of families in Wake Forest and surrounding areas!